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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Dear O dear

I made a rare venture into the area of actually watching television news the other night. I can't say it was an enlightening experience, unless a reminder that nothing has changed is considered "enlightenment". The Easter road toll got a decent mention. One particular story featured the familiar sight of a driver exceeding the speed limit by 70km/h, losing control, running off the road this time killing an elderly pedestrian. Evidently a police officer from Townsville (where this particular incident occurred) had had enough. He found a camera and launched into a rant about a situation that is "unfair on the police, unfair on ambulances" etc etc. The frustration of the police officer at this situation is understandable, but was is less understandable was the closing sentence from the reporter -- "No charges have been laid".

Excuse me? Well, in truth it's not all that surprising given the precedent in cases like this, but I would have thought that in this situation, there are plenty of reasons for the police to throw the book at the offender, and don't forget these are the same police who are apparently "fed up" with the situation. Why aren't they charging this guy? Do they just find it easier to whine in front of the nearest camera? Or are they just afraid that the courts won't do anything about it when it reaches that stage. Either way, I would have thought by now that someone would have realised that politely asking drivers in Queensland to comply with the law just isn't working, and that sterner action is clearly required.

Incidentally, the Easter road toll is apparently one higher than last year, but the Queensland Premier and Transport Minister are patting themselves on the back because apparently fewer people were caught speeding and drink driving this year, and that's supposed to mean that everyone is behaving better. Of course, it could also just be a reflection of the fact that nobody is bothering to enforce the law.


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