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Monday, August 20, 2007


Yesterday afternoon and this morning provided the first rain this part of the world has seen in two months. Almost inevitably, it was accompanied by a stack of car crashes -- one actually happened in my street yesterday. It really puts the lack of skill of Queensland drivers into perspective. I spent 28 days in the UK, and I estimate it must have rained on at least 23 of them. Yet if drivers in that part of the world suffered a total loss of skill and composure everytime it rained in the same fashion as happens in Queensland, I shudder to think just what their road toll would be -- especially when you add in the higher traffic density in that part of the world.

In other news, apparently Kevin Rudd visiting a strip club using "taxpayer's money" is the worst scandal in the world. Meanwhile we're still supposed to be grateful for John Howard sending us into a bullshit war on the other side of the world that cost millions of dollars (not to mention thousands of lives). Perhaps, if the economy is as strong as we are led to believe, Mr Howard might care to expend a few dollars on buying a new sense of perspective for this country to replace the old one that has been completely f*cked up by the tabloid culture we have imported from America.


Blogger Treadly and Me said...

Yep, with you completely on that crash phenomenon--it happens here in Melbourne too (so I presume it's a national tendency).

It's pretty worrying that so many "average" drivers can't put two-and-two together, slow down, and leave a bit more space when the road gets wet...

9:51 pm  
Blogger Chris L said...

It's actually worse than that here -- they actually *speed up* when it rains. Still, the crash in my street involved to 4wd's -- and at least one work colleague thinks that in itself is reason enough to smile. :^)

8:53 pm  

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